Smart Cost Reduction With (Even Smarter) Document Automation Software

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Talk to us about smart cost reduction!

In the coronavirus recession, it's time for a rethink. Use document automation software to finish work faster, publish reports and presentations that look amazing, and save money.

We'll demonstrate with your content in your environment to automate your documents with Word and Excel.

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Which industries can benefit from smart cost reduction with automation?

Finance and Real Estate

  • Create decks that auto-update when you refresh your data
  • Spend your time on analysis. Automate boring background information
  • Reduce or eliminate your wage bill for brand compliance officers and designers
  • No lead time needed between finalising content and having publishable documents
  • Automate 100% of design. One-click data updates

Transaction Advisory, M&A, Due Dilligence

  • Transaction Advisory users of Epsillion save 100 hours each year.
  • Automatic insertion of tables, charts, and numbers
  • One click updates all data
  • 100% of design automated. No design skills needed!
  • Continue using what you know: Word and Excel
  • Use variables to include a number, phrase, or word multiple times, but ensure you only have to update it once.


  • Automatically update clause and figure references throughout your text
  • Use logic that changes one part of a document if certain conditions elsewhere in the document are met
  • Use variables to include a phrase or word multiple times, but ensure you only have to update it once
  • Automate 100% of design
  • One-click data updates

Medical Devices

  • Prepare one set of inputs, and generate multiple, regulatory compliant documents with a click
  • Effortlessly comply with FDA and CE document regulations
  • Automate 100% of design
  • One-click data updates


  • Send your prospects beautiful PDFs that are unique in every way to them
  • Use images, sentences, and paragraphs that are customized to each of your prospects
  • Automate 100% of design
  • One-click data updates


  • Submit the same paper to multiple journals, formatted to their specifications
  • All the benefits of LaTeX, but from within Microsoft Word
  • Write beautiful equations
  • Automate 100% of design
  • One-click data updates

Why should you use Epsillion document automation?

Epsillion is award winning

named us as one of the best Document Management Software applications of 2018 and 2019, alongside , , , , and .

We can't wait to show you why productivity-fiends love our software so much!

Write with Word and Excel. Publish everywhere.

Epsillion Publisher works seamlessly with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel , so there's no new software to learn.

Make presentations, reports, webpages, emails, and Kindle books from the same source Word and Excel files.

Epsillion is easy to learn

Most people pick it up with as little as 30 minutes of training. And we have a library of short video tutorials to achieve most tasks.

Integrates with everything

If a program can export a PDF, JPG, PNG, or EMF file, you can add it to your Epsillion document as easily as dragging and dropping the file into your project folder.

Save hours on every document you create

If your company is like most, every document takes hours longer to write and edit than necessary. We understand — that used to be us.

Aggressively reclaim those hours with Epsillion Publisher. We can't wait to show you how.

Guaranteed precision: every word, number, and image

Link every number, table, and graph to its source in an Excel spreadsheet, database, or website. A single click refreshes your document with the latest data.

Focus on content, forget about formatting

Your focus should be on creating great content, not on image position, font-sizes, or references to figures. Epsillion Publisher handles all of that boring stuff (and more) behind the scenes.

Targeted to your company's custom needs

Every installation of Epsillion Publisher is customisable. Tell us how your documents should look, and we'll make it a reality.

Sophisticated, yet simple tools

You've got enough complexity in your life. That's why we've worked tirelessly to make our tools powerful and simple to use (everything we do has to pass the Grandma-Test!).

The best part? You don't have to change your workflow. Just keep doing what you're doing now, only with less fuss!

Start a Proof of Concept

It's only reasonable to want to see Epsillion working in your environment before you buy.
Start our Proof of Concept process. Together we will define and document your unique needs. Then you'll get a custom installer so you can see your documents automated before your eyes.