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What is Epsillion Publisher?


Get the power of Epsillion Publisher today, or ask for a live demo. Email us at to start a conversation around your bespoke needs.

Want to see a quick example of our work? This dynamic report generator is something you won't see anywhere else.

How Epsillion Works

Epsillion is easy to use. Write unformatted content in Word, make unformatted tables and charts in Excel, and our software assembles them into beautiful documents that look like a professional designer made them.

With one click, you can get PDF and HTML output. The result can be instantly printed, shared, and put on the web.

With another click, sync all numbers and charts in your report with an Excel file.

The software's and what they do

Three examples of how to use Epsillion

1. Make perfect equity research reports, leave the office early

One click refreshes your equity research report with dynamic sentences and data.

Another click publishes to PDF, the web, and your app.

Effortlessly pass compliance — we automate the boring stuff!

2. Let customers use YOUR information to tell THEIR story

Let your customers choose topics from your website.

Our software will organize the content into a bespoke report on the fly! See a demo.

3. Make beautiful presentations

You supply the raw text and unformatted tables and charts, and we'll supply the style.

One click updates your entire presentation with data from Excel.

YouTube Tutorials

Write with Word and Excel. Publish Everywhere.

Epsillion Publisher works seamlessly with Microsoft Word and Excel, so there's no new software to learn.

One click updates all of your dynamic sentences and data.

Another click creates PDF and HTML files.


Get the power of Epsillion Publisher today. Email us at to start a conversation around your bespoke needs.

Save hours on every document you create

If your company is like most, every document takes hours longer to write and edit than necessary. We understand — that used to be us.

Aggressively reclaim those hours with Epsillion Publisher. We can't wait to show you how.

Guaranteed precision: every word, number, and image

Link every number, table, and graph to its source in an Excel spreadsheet, database, or website. A single click refreshes your document with the latest data.

Focus on content, forget about formatting

Your focus should be on creating great content, not on image position, font-sizes, or references to figures. Epsillion Publisher handles all of that boring stuff (and more) behind the scenes.

Targeted to your company's bespoke needs

Every installation of Epsillion Publisher is customisable. Tell us how your documents should look, and we'll make it a reality.

Sophisticated, yet simple tools

You've got enough complexity in your life. That's why we've worked tirelessly to make our tools powerful and simple to use (everything we do has to pass the Grandma-Test!).

The best part? You don't have to change your workflow. Just keep doing what you're doing now, only with less fuss!


Get the power of Epsillion Publisher today. Email us at to start a conversation around your bespoke needs.

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