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Is ChatGPT ready for your document automation workflow?

27 March 2023

ChatGPT for Document Automation

Find out now if ChatGPT is good enough to insert into your document automation workflow.


Business valuation - best document automation

26 March 2023

Best document automation for business valuation

Why document automation professionals should use Epsillion for document automation.


Fix Excel Files With Too Many Named Ranges

5 December 2021

Excel spreadsheet using formulas with Named Ranges

Learn about how to fix Excel files with too many Named Ranges (also called Defined Names).


Charts in Excel that update with new data automatically

1 October 2021

Excel with an auto updating chart

One of our users at a Fortune 500 company presented us with a problem recently. Read about how we solved it with Epsillion document automation.


Insider Questions to ask Document Automation Software Vendors

15 February 2021

Man negotiating a document automation software purchase

Have you thought of the five most important questions you need to ask vendors when considering document automation software?

Read more... we've got the insider breakdown from our CEO!

Document Automation Secrets You Should Know

06 January 2021

Secrets about document automation

Do you know the document automation secrets that industry insiders know?

Read more... we'll let you in on those secrets!

The best document automation software for 2021

26 December 2020

Map about thinking globally about document automation

What is the best document automation software for you in 2021? We break it down.

Read more... we break it down for you!

5 Best Automation Software Tools for Your Business

14 October 2020

Woman automating document in home office

See what the five best document automation software packages are...

Read more... before your competitors do!

How Document Automation Makes Your Business More Efficient

12 August 2020

Difference between advertising and reality

Are you using document automaton to be as efficient as your competitors?

If not,

Examining the Best Document Generation Software

29 July 2020

Difference between advertising and reality

Learn about a variety of tools you can use to automate your documents.


Five Common Mistakes Professionals Make When Choosing Document Automation Software

26 July 2020

Difference between advertising and reality

Learn about the biggest mistakes that professionals like you make when choosing document automation software.


Why Your Business Needs Document Generation

6 July 2020

Smart contract

Find out why your business needs document automation to survive the 21st century.


Business Valuation Methods: A Breakdown for New Business Owners

6 July 2020

Team doing business valuation work

Read all about business valuation and the software options that make it possible.


Automation is Changing the Work Landscape

1 January 2019

A photo of a rocky landscape

Automation is Changing the World of Work

Professional in today’s economy are experiencing the automation revolution first-hand.


Ready Made Templates for Banks

12 May 2019

Employee of a major bank? Looking for ready-made templates for reports and presentations? You've come to the right place.


Review of PowerUser for Excel

7 April 2019

Making a map in Excel with PowerUser

PowerUser is a great Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint addin. Both the Excel and PowerPoint addins are packed with features, but this post highlights my two favourite features from the Excel addin.


Proud to Make's List of Best Document Management Software

25 August 2018

We made's list of Best Document Management Software. The reviewers said...


What to do if your Excel or Word addin disappears

29 July 2018

It doesn't happen often, but if your Epsillion tab in Excel or Word disappears without reason, get it back by going to File>Options>Add-ins>COM Add-ins>Go and ensuring that the Epsillion addin is ticked.


How we gave an Excel genius a 4.5kg Toblerone

16 June 2018

We had a great time at ModelOff's London Training camp, and we presented our document automation software.


Partnership with the Vancouver School of Economics Undergrad Society

17 March 2018

Logo of the University of British Columbia

We have a new document automation partnership with the Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society.


Partnership with the University of Bath Economics Society

28 February 2018

Logo of the University of Bath

A new partnership with the University of Bath Economics Society

We have new document automation partnership with the University of Bath...


Get Started With Epsillion: YouTube Tutorials

10 February 2018

Here are seven YouTube totorial videos to help you get started and master Epsillion document automation software.


Alternative to InDesign that doesn't lock you in

20 January 2018

InDesign Logo locked in, Epsillion logo freedom

What is content lock-in?

Nobody likes content lock-in. Epsillion helps you avoid it. With Epsillion document automation, you will always own all of your documents.


The best automatic formatting software: UpSlide vs. Epsillion Publisher 2

12 January 2018

logos of UpSlide and Epsillion


Do you spend too much time on low value tasks when writing a report or preparing a presentation? Automation can help...


The best publishing software: Adobe InDesign CC vs. QuarkXPress 2017 vs. Epsillion Publisher 2

11 January 2018

logos of InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Epsillion


In our opinion Epsillion is the best document automation software available on the market today, but you deserve to know about the alternatives, too.


How Epsillion Publisher 2 Works

1 December 2017

What Epsillion Does

Epsillion is document automation software that will help you increase your revenues and avoid late nights at the office...