Alternative to InDesign that doesn't lock you in

20 January 2018

InDesign Logo locked in, Epsillion logo freedom

What is content lock-in?

Content lock-in is when you create content that can only be viewed or used with the software that created it. Lock-in restricts your freedom to do what you want with your content, so more lock-in is unambiguously bad for you.

Who locks your content in?

A lot of people dislike Adobe InDesign because it has the strongest form of lock-in: it prevents you from even viewing your files if you are no longer an active subscriber. That makes it difficult to impossible to then extract your content and use it with other software.

Epsillion Publisher has no lock in. You write your content in Microsoft Word, and create charts and tables in Microsoft Excel, and you can always open those files even if you are not an active Epsillion Publisher or Microsoft subscriber. We think our customers should keep their work no matter how it was created.

Epsillion Publisher is, therefore, a good alternative to InDesign if you want to avoid lock-in.