How Epsillion Works

1 December 2017

What Epsillion Does

Epsillion is easy-to-use software that helps you make amazing reports. By using Epsillion, you can:

  1. Write plain text in Microsoft Word, then get beautifully formatted PDFs and HTML output
  2. Update all Excel charts and tables in your reports with a single click

Epsillion Has a Simple User Interface

Epsillion is really easy to use. Its simple graphical user interface is shown below, along with the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel plugins.

To Write a Report, Just Open Word

To create content, just open up Microsoft Word. Then, using the Epsillion addin in the Word ribbon, add a columns container, choose the number of columns (try 1, 2, 3, or even "0.66, 0.33"). If you want to add a chart or table, just select the chart or table from the addin's drop down menus.

To Add Charts and Tables, Open Excel

One thing that makes Epsillion special is its ability to incorporate Excel content easily. Simply make a chart or table in Excel, use the upload button in the addin, then you will have access to your chart or table in through the Word ribbon. Any time you update your Excel spreadsheet and press upload, all of your report's charts and tables will be updated automatically.

Publish Everywhere

To make your PDF, just click "Make PDF" in the Epsillion graphical user interface, Microsoft Word addin, or Excel addin. To get HTML output just click "Make HTML" in the Epsillion graphical user interface, and to get Word output just click "Make Word" in the graphical user interface.