Review of PowerUser for Excel

7 April 2019

Making a map in Excel with PowerUser

PowerUser is a Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint addin. Both addins are packed with features, but this post highlights my two favourite features from the Excel addin.

Favourite feature #1: Maps

PowerUser's mapping feature is my favourite thing about the Excel addin. It is easy to create high quality maps, using your data and your company's colors.

The addin comes packed with:

Favourite feature #2: Unpivot a table

Unpivoting data is essential if you use both Excel and databases a lot.

Why? Well, in Excel, it's often convenient to arrange, view, and edit data in tabular format, with row and column labels. Databases just want everything in columns, and don't care for row labels. PowerUser's unpivot function therefore prepares your Excel tables for database work instantly. Very cool!

Making a map in Excel with PowerUser


If you'd like to try for yourself, download the PowerUser addin for Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.