Business Valuation Document Automation

26 March 2023

Best document automation for business valuation

Who Is This Article For?

This article is for business valuation specialists who are looking for the best document automation software for them

Why is Epsillion good at automating documents for business valuation

We know that most business valuation professionals rely on Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. That is why our software integrates seamlessly with Word and Excel. You write your content in Word as normal, do your calculations in Excel as you usually would, and one click results in a beautiful, automated PDF.

Do many business valuation companies use Epsillion?

Yes, many business valuation firms use Epsillion for their document automation needs. Our software contains several customised features that make business valuation professionals more efficient, helping to avoid mistakes.

Business valuators will save time

Time savings are critical for business valuation professionals. Tight deadlines, changing data, and high expectations for quick turnarounds from clients mean that efficiency is important. Epsillion offers three ways to save time:

  1. Fewer mistakes. One click to update all data means you can be confident that the figures in your Excel model will end up in the PDF document your client reads.
  2. Professional documents with no effort. Your documents will look like they were professionally designed to a similar standard to what you would expect from a Big 4 firm, but at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Limited training required. We know your time is valuable and we have found that new users only need about 30 minutes of training to get up to speed with Epsillion.

Can business valuation firms grow their business with document automation?

Yes, document automation makes it possible for business valuation professionals to take on more work, finish each job faster and to a higher quality standard than their rivals. This is why many business valuation firms are using document automation. There are large opportunities to increase revenues and profits by using document automation in the business valuation context.

What is the biggest hurdle do using document automation?

The biggest hurdle to using document automation in your business valuation practice is just getting started. We recommend you try a couple of providers for one hour each. It doesn't take long to download two pieces of software and make a simple document. If one seems to be especially easy to use or has the features you need, ask for a demo and pricing. Getting started is only an email away.

If you haven't yet made up your mind about which document automation software to try, we invite you to contact us to start a conversation. We're here to help!