Examining the Best Document Generation Software

29 July 2020

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Examining the Best Document Generation Software

There are many different types of document generation software out there, so which one is right for you? In this guide, we'll help run down the choices.

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Do you want to improve your business efficiency? Have you tried seemingly every solution?

Consider document generation software. It can help you and your company outline and format documents. Whenever you need to create a contract or file a report, you can use document automation to keep things simple.

Keep reading to learn about the best types of document generation software and how you can use it.

Types of Document Generation Software

When looking into automating your company, you should consider document generation software. You can use a variety of programs to help generate documents, and each has different pros and cons.

Consider a few document creation tools you can use to streamline your business.

Word Processor

A word processor is one of the most common pieces of software. While many people will use it to write essays or cover letters, you can use it to create document templates.

If you need to create templates that people can edit, a word processor is great. You can grant access to your employees, and they won't have to start from scratch when writing up reports.

Word processors are also good for generating documents that you don't want people to change. For example, you can use a program like Google Docs to create documents that others can view but not edit.

As the creator, you can make changes, but your team will only be able to use the document as-is. Then, it can function as a form of document generation software.

Other options for word processors include Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. Each has pros and cons, but they're a great place to start.

PDF Creator

If you want to create documents that you don't plan on changing, a PDF creator is an excellent option. You can grant access to people in your company, and they can view or annotate the file.

A PDF is great for automating contracts for your clients or freelancers. You can send the PDF so that the other party doesn't have to visit your office. They'll be able to see and read the contract, and they can sign it and email it back.

If you ever need to alter the contract, you can edit the PDF, and you can save the new version.

PDFs are also great for generating business plans for a business valuation. When you first start, you may not think about automating your company.

But as your business grows, you should make updating your business plan as simple as possible with document automation. Then, you can get a better sense of the business's value if you ever need outside investments.

Adobe Acrobat is a great choice for creating PDFs, but you can also use graphic design programs. Design software is a great option for generating documents with your logo or other visual elements.


While a spreadsheet may not seem like a document, it can be useful for tracking financial information. If you want your accounting department to standardize records, you need to use spreadsheets for document automation.

You can create the initial template, and then your accountants can copy that file. Whenever they need to run payroll or determine profits, they can use the right spreadsheet.

A spreadsheet is fantastic for any document that involves numbers and equations. If you want to create client proposals, you can create a spreadsheet with an equation for the project scope.

Then, you can have that spreadsheet calculate the best rate to charge for specific jobs.

You can use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers to generate spreadsheets.


Another type of document creation you should consider is presentation slides. If you give a lot of talks or meetings, a presentation can help your audience follow along.

And keeping your presentations uniform is just as important as your legal contracts or business plan.

It doesn't matter if you give presentations to your new or existing employees or to clients. Your presentations are an essential part of your image, but you may not always be the one to give them.

If you need to hand off presenting to a manager, they should know how the presentation should flow. By creating a presentation automatically, you and your team can worry less about creating slides and organizing information.

Document Generator

You can also use document generation software that's specific to your purpose. If you want a specialized program, you should look for one that offers enough features.

Be sure to test out a few options to find what works, and consider what the program can and can't do. If you need to generate a lot of documents, you want software that will do that.

You should also look for a flexible option in case you want to change to a new program later. Then, you can transfer your information without having to create the documents all over again.

Document generation software comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that's best for you and your business. After you set it up, you can enjoy the benefits of document creation.

Using the Best Document Generation Software

As more and more companies use technology, businesses can move a lot faster. You don't have to worry about recreating a new contract every time you get a new client.

If you develop a new model for one of your products, you can use the same layout for the product description. But that's just the start of what you can do with document generation software.

Company Consistency

If you start as a small business, it can be easy to keep everything consistent. Odds are you trained all of your employees, so they know what you want.

But as your business grows, you might have a harder time maintaining consistency. Training managers might forget to mention certain things, or you may not train new hires for as long.

Sure, you could cut and paste information between word documents. However, someone may not realize how long a document is. You may also lose some formatting when moving the text, especially if you don't all use the same device in your company.

You can start with word processors or PDF creators, but you may find that they leave room for inconsistencies. And when you want to put your best foot forward, you will need to upgrade.

Fewer Mistakes

Not only can you keep your team consistent when working with documents, but you can limit mistakes. While errors will happen, using software to outline your documents will keep your employees from getting that part wrong.

It doesn't matter if you have a small tech company or a large law firm. Some mistakes can be disastrous for your business.

Specific document generation software can help you lower your risk of mistakes. You can have your employees make copies of documents automatically. Then, they can follow the same outline that you used with the original document.

When using word processors or PDF creators, you may still have mistakes. Files can crash, and information may not always transfer correctly.

By reducing the chances you and your team will make mistakes, you can focus on other tasks. As much as you may want to focus on getting documents right, that won't necessarily move your business forward.

Instead, you can use document generation software to get stuff done in less time. You won't have to worry about small things taking up time.

Better Focus

If you and your employees have to manually copy documents, that will waste time. You'll have to compare and contrast existing documents with new ones, and your productivity could suffer.

You can have that problem with word processing templates, especially if someone manually copies the information.

Using document generation software means you won't have to train your employees on document creation. All they need to know is what information to plug in and where.

Because of that, they won't have to remember as many details, so they can focus on other parts of the job. You won't have to oversee documents or approve them so long as your employees follow the template.

Automating documents will allow everyone, from you down to entry-level employees, to focus better. You will all get more done in less time, and you can enjoy the work you do.

Organizational Tool

If your main concern regarding document creation is document organization, don't worry. One of the most significant benefits of document automation programs is that they usually include an organization method.

At Epsillion, we focus on document generation software that suits your needs. While you can use word processors and PDF creators, they won't help you stay organized.

You'll also need to set up a digital filing system that everyone can access. However, you can choose document software that comes with what you need to organize files.

You don't need the fanciest document software out there, but by combining it with your filing system, you can ensure everything is the same from document creation to storage.

Document Generation Software and More

Document generation software can help you simplify your business. You and your team won't have to worry about manually copying contracts or financial reports.

As long as you use the best document creation software for you, you can save time and keep everything more organized.

Are you looking for the best document generation software? Check out our service or get a Proof of Concept today.