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What's new in Epsillion Publisher 22 Apr 2018
Improved Smarter error handling, so you see fewer displaced headers
Improved 2-4X faster report and presentation processing times! 11 Feb 2017
Added Share your referral code and earn $200 when your friends subscribe to Epsillion 19 Nov 2017
Fixed Copy/pasting addresses into breadcrumb bar works when location is Desktop
Added Use your own logo by adding logo.pdf and textlogo.pdf files to your Epsillion uploads. 6 Nov 2017
Fixed Epsillion now maximizes consistently after being minimized
Added Ultramarine template now available to demo users
Added Upload this downloadable patch to prevent auto-lines in tables
Improved Faster graph processing because of smarter cropping 13 Sep 2017
Added On demand button additions to Word and Excel ribbon. Just ask 22 Aug 2017
Improved Auto updater is now a standalone app 30 May 2017
Added Process multiple projects in 'batch mode' 20 May 2017
Added Epsillion now auto-updates
Improved Switch between multiple report templates in dropdown menu
Added Windows-style browse folder dialog 14 May 2017
Added Create HTML versions of your Epsillion reports. Perfect for the the web or marketing emails
Added Navigate folders more easily with breadcrumb navigation bar 27 Apr 2017
Added Sign in using your company's Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) 2 Apr 2017
Added See a preview of your PDF in the Epsillion desktop app 23 Feb 2017
Added Beautiful new graphical user interface 29 Jan 2017
Added Sign in using Google single sign on (SSO) 1 Oct 2016
Improved To get columns of different widths, type, e.g., '0.6,0.4' in a column container where you would normally type the number of columns you want. 30 Sep 2016
Added HTTPS encryption on demand 11 Sep 2016
Fixed Bug where PDFs would not print properly because of EMF implementation


Windows 7 or above. Microsoft Office 2007 or above.

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