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Charts are a common part of automated reports and presentations. It's vital that your chosen document automation software handles charts with ease. Most people use Microsoft Excel to create charts, and Epsillion uses a built in Excel Addin to make it even easier to create charts and use them in your reports and presentations.

Epsillion's document automation solution makes chart insertion as easy as point-and-click. Once you've made your chart in Excel, simply select your chart name from the drop-down menu in Microsoft Word and insert it into your report. It couldn't be easier than that.

Even better, Epsillion ensures that your charts are always up-to-date. One of the worst things is when you update your data in Excel, and then you forget to copy-paste your revised chart into your report or presentation. Sometimes you notice the problem, but other times you'll miss it. Unfortunately, your readers may notice!

The easiest way to avoid any problems is to automate your charts within your documents. With Epsillion, this is easy. Simply create the chart, insert it into your document, and forever after any time your chart changes your document will automatically be updated with the latest chart. No muss, no fuss. Easy as pie.

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