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Images are an important part of all documents, and your document automation solution should take that into account. When you choose a software solution to automate your documents, you should look for one that handles images seamlessly. As easy as drag-and-drop.

Images convey powerful emotions, so don't leave them out of your document, whether your report or presentation is automated or not. Images tap into a part of our brains that words often can't reach. Therefore, take your time when choosing the right image. It's hard to underestimate the importance of this, and your readers will thank you for it.

Your document automation software should handle all formats, including PNG, PDF, JPG, JPEG, EMF, GIF. A solution that has only partial compatibility with popular image formats is going to create no end of headaches for you. So make sure you ask any prospective automation software provider whether their solution is compatible with all image formats. A little forethought here can save you a lot of trouble down the line!

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  1. What is Epsillion?
  2. Three reasons to use Epsillion
  3. Start a NEW DOCUMENT in two easy steps
  4. Add an IMAGE in Epsillion
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  6. Add a TABLE in Epsillion
  7. Update all DATA in your document with one click
  8. Make DYNAMIC SENTENCES that change based on Excel data
  9. Add Epsillion web content to Wordpress
  10. Shorten your URLs
  11. Fix the (rare) problem of your addin disappearing from the Excel or Word ribbon
  12. Emails with Epsillion and Constant Contact

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