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We make it easy to automate tables in documents, reports, and presentations. Whenever you update your data in Excel (or another database or file format, including CSV and JSON), you should expect your document automation solution to automatically update your document with the correct chart. Anything less means you are likely going to spend too much time copy-pasting tables from Excel to your document.

While most document automation software solutions will automate some data, some aren't as good at automating tables. When you're evaluating document automation software, ask about how well they handle tables. You won't regret the time you spend vetting solutions in advance of adopting them within your compnay.

Tables are important in a variety of professions, including business valuation, law, finance, real estate, medicine, academia, and marketing. Epsillion provides a flexible solution that we believe will work with your specific profession. And if you aren't sure, just ask us! We're always happy to discuss whether our document automation software can work for you specifically.

If you're ready to learn more about document automation and how it can help you and your company, head over to our document automation blog. Alternatively, contact us today to start your Free Trial or Proof of Concept.

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    Get started

  1. What is Epsillion?
  2. Three reasons to use Epsillion
  3. Open the Epsillion desktop application (Dec 2023)
  4. Sign in / login to Epsillion (Dec 2023)
  5. Start a NEW AUTOMATED DOCUMENT from your LIBRARY (Dec 2023)
  6. Start a NEW AUTOMATED DOCUMENT from scratch (Dec 2023)
  7. Boost speed

  8. Lightning Mode for up to 10X processing speed (Dec 2023)
  9. Add content

  10. Add words to your automated report (Dec 2023)
  11. Add an IMAGE to your automated document (Dec 2023)
  12. Add a CHART to your automated document (Dec 2023)
  13. Add a TABLE to your automated document (Dec 2023)
  14. Add references

  15. Add REFERENCES to your images, charts, and tables (Dec 2023)
  16. Add a FOOTNOTE to your automated document (Dec 2023)
  17. Use variables

  18. Add a SINGLE CELL VARIABLE in Excel (Dec 2023)
  19. Add COLUMN VARIABLES in Excel (Dec 2023)
  20. Dynamic content based on variables

  21. Make DYNAMIC SECTION / PARAGRAPH that changes based on Excel data (Dec 2023)
  22. Make DYNAMIC SENTENCES that change based on Excel data (Dec 2023)
  23. Trouble shoot

  24. Fix the (rare) problem of your addin disappearing from the Excel or Word ribbon
  25. Add the Developer tab in the Excel ribbon, so you can run VBA code
  26. Unhide, count, and delete unneeded named ranges

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