Make DYNAMIC SENTENCES that change based on Excel data

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The ability to write dynamic sentences is one of the most powerful document automation features on the planet. Did you know that many sports articles in newspapers are written using dynamic sentences? Automation software can easily write articles describing how the Patriots beat the Stealers by a score of 23-20.

Automated Insights and Narrative Science are two companies that help newsrooms do this. But you don't need a huge budget to take advantage of automated content. You too can harness the same techniques to create content that updates intelligently using nothing but Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

One of the easiest ways to create dynamic written content is to use Epsillion's Variables feature. Simply write your sentence as normal, then insert a Variable in place of a particular word. That variable might resolve to one of two outcomes -- for example, "increase" or "decrease". Depending on whether the latest number in your Excel spreadsheet is increasing or decreasing, your sentence can indicate the correct direction.

The second way to create dynamic written content is to use Epsillion's Conditional Paragraphs. This is a powerful technique that makes virtually any combination of words, charts, tables, and images possible depending on the value of an Excel cell. So, for example, you could have a dropdown menu in Excel that lets you choose between "retail", "industrial" or "residential". If you choose "retail" the conditional paragraph inserts several pages related to your retail topic; if you choose "industrial", your document features paragraphs, charts, and tables related to industrial analysis.

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  2. Three reasons to use Epsillion
  3. Start a NEW DOCUMENT in two easy steps
  4. Add an IMAGE in Epsillion
  5. Add an CHART in Epsillion
  6. Add a TABLE in Epsillion
  7. Update all DATA in your document with one click
  8. Make DYNAMIC SENTENCES that change based on Excel data
  9. Add Epsillion web content to Wordpress
  10. Shorten your URLs
  11. Fix the (rare) problem of your addin disappearing from the Excel or Word ribbon
  12. Emails with Epsillion and Constant Contact

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