What is Epsillion?

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Epsillion is document automation software. To create documents automatically, you use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Epsillion's document automation capabilities are sophisticated yet easy to learn. Watch this video to learn the basics about Epsillion document automation and how you can automate your documents and engage in smart cost reductio with (even smarter) automation software.

If you already know that Epsillion's document automation capabilities will work for you and your company, contact us today to streamline your workflows with intelligent document generation software. Many of our clients have done so already, and are saving money, increasing efficiency, and doing more with less as a result of document automation.

Document automation is one of the most powerful--yet easy--ways for you to make a mark in your company as a driver of innovation and positive change. Many of Epsillion's users find that they not only improve their company's results, they personally feel more energized and productive in their roles because they are focusing on what really matters: generating great content rather than focussing on formatting and other repetitive tasks.

Many of our document automation customers didn't know where to start when they first contacted us. If you don't know where to start, don't worry: that's normal. Thankfully, it's easier than you think. Start a no-obligation Proof of Concept with us today to find out what you are missing. Don't allow yourself to fall further behind your competitors, who are often starting or mid-way through their automation journeys already!

Documentation Automation Software Training and Tutorials

These YouTube videos will help you get started with—and master—Epsillion.

Have a request for a video? Email us at to let us know!


  1. What is Epsillion?
  2. Three reasons to use Epsillion
  3. Start a NEW DOCUMENT in two easy steps
  4. Add an IMAGE in Epsillion
  5. Add an CHART in Epsillion
  6. Add a TABLE in Epsillion
  7. Update all DATA in your document with one click
  8. Make DYNAMIC SENTENCES that change based on Excel data
  9. Add Epsillion web content to Wordpress
  10. Shorten your URLs
  11. Fix the (rare) problem of your addin disappearing from the Excel or Word ribbon
  12. Emails with Epsillion and Constant Contact

Request a free proof of concept now!

In the coronavirus recession, it's time for a rethink. Use document automation software to finish work faster, publish reports and presentations that look amazing, and save money.

We can't wait to show you how to reduce costs intelligently with automation. Talk to us today!

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