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What is Epsillion?

Epsillion makes beautiful PDFs in your company's bespoke style. It is quick and easy.

Epsillion has a user interface that lets you specify the words, numbers, tables, charts, and images that should be in your PDF, and Epsillion does all the formatting. Want to learn more? Watch these introductory videos:

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Who is Epsillion for?

Epsillion is great for:

  • Analysts who regularly update their reports with new data
  • Employees at large corporates that have strict brand and style guidelines
  • Legal professionals who want to automate handling of clauses and figure numbers
  • Academics who need to meet a journal's style requirements when submitting for publishing
  • Marketers who want to send bespoke content to each client, formatted beautifully in PDF or email format
  • People who are color blind and want effortless, great looking reports and presentations

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How do I pay?

We currently accept:

  • All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.). Please contact us at to arrange a credit card payment.
  • Bank transfers. Please contact us at to arrange a payment.

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How do I install the software?

Download Epsillion here.

If we customise Epsillion for you, we will send you an installer called Setup.exe. Just double click, and it will do the rest automatically. Please contact us at if you are having any problems with your installation.

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What does 'Epsillion' mean?

In math and physics and economics, the greek letter epsilon is often used to represent a small, positive quantity. Our goal with epsillion is to make millions of those incremental improvements until the difference you see, as a customer, is night and day.

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